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Research 101: A Self-Guided Tutorial

Research Smarter

9 - Keywords

Make a List of Synonyms

Looking at our research question again, highlight the important words and phrases:

"How does repeated pesticide use in agriculture impact soil and groundwater pollution?" 

 You can ignore common words that don't have a lot of meaning, such as prepositions, articles, and adjectives.

Now think of synonyms and related words for each of the important words and phrases. These can be broader words, narrower words, synonyms, and related words.

Table of Keywords with associated synonyms and related words
Keyword Synonyms and Related Words
Pesticide agrochemicals, pest management, weed management, diazinan, malathion
Agriculture farming, food crops, specific types of crops
Soil clay, organic components
Groundwater watershed, water resources, water table, aquatics
Pollution environmental impact, degradation, exposure, acid rain