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This guide provides an introduction to ORCiD. Content provided courtesy of Catherine Flynn-Purvis from the University of Oregon Libraries.

What is ORCiD?

Why ORCiD?

  • ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor iD) is a non-proprietary, non-profit community-based registry of research identifiers.
  • Links authors to their datasets and other works in addition to articles.
  • Authors can control what information in their ORCiD profile they share. Only the ORCiD iD is automatically shared. (See ORCiD's privacy policy.)
  • It is easy to import research output from other sources (including ResearcherID and Datacite Metadata Store to your ORCiD profile. (See ORCiD's import works page.)
  • Many organizations and publishers integrate with ORCiD including Nature Publishing Group, Elsevier, and the American Physical Society. See a complete list of integrators.
  • Registration is free, privacy-protected, and quick. Go to ORCiD's registration page.

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Learn more about ORCiD

Ten things you need to know about ORCiD right now

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